Happy Birthday~

Happy Birthday to a long time friend I know and love dearly. Although you’re birthday has past, who you are inside never changes and always warms my heart.

Seems like yesterday I met you on the bus and out of no where, I had the guts to even say hi and start up a conversation. We were Romeo and Juliet attending two rivalry schools reuniting at the same bus stop everyday enjoying each other’s company. As you left for college our distance grew but our friendship grew stronger as we confided in each other more than ever before.

Not only did our friendship blossomed but so did something special we both can’t hide. You’re the sweetest, and most compassionate person I’ve known with a big heart. I love you and hope you savor every moment in life, and most importantly to be happy with yourself where you are now. It’s a day to remember and cherish every year that goes by so happy birthday.


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