The Down Side to Christmas

Every year it seems as if the “Christmas Spirit” starts earlier and earlier. By spirit I mean specials, and bombarded commercials. You can take a wild guess that I most certainly do not like the holidays. For 18 years I’ve stayed home with no cable watching the same old Christmas cartoons and Christmas show specials that show up every year. Of course living  in a Haitian household I was in, I could never go out and have fun, watch the New Years’ fireworks, or join the Christmas caroling. Perhaps I grew dislike for Christmas gears around these “few years”.

Not to mention witnessing parents brainwash their kids into believing Santa Clause is real and then crushing their dreams and beliefs as they get older. Tell someone’s child Jesus is a myth and you’re burned at the stake, crowned as the devil but lying about Santa Clause is perfectly fine, “you’ll get over it.” Nonetheless I adored passing through other people’s neighborhoods, who spent well enough money to decorate their entire house, gazing at the luminous lights that lit up the dark night sky. Santa Claus may not be real but it would sure be nice to see an actual sled full of flying reindeer’s swift through cities in one night…. Yeah right like the army wouldn’t have shot Santa down declaring it was a terrorist attack . Just ranting!


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