Anti-Immigration Program 287(g)

Over the last two weeks, thousands of Floridians have signed our petition urging Senators Nelson and Rubio to pressure the Department of Homeland Security to end the controversial immigration enforcement program which has led to thousands of deportations from Florida. The fate of the program, known as 287(g), which opens the door to racial profiling and makes communities less safe, could be decided at the beginning of next week.

Groups across the country and in Florida are flooding the White House switchboard with calls for an end to the program. We need your voice: Call the White House today to tell President Obama to end the racial profiling program.

The 287(g) program lets local law enforcement agencies enter into agreements with ICE to enforce federal immigration laws and detain people for deportation, often for minor offenses like traffic violations. The Collier County and Jacksonville Sheriffs’ participation in the program has led to the deportation of thousands of individuals, increased the potential for racial profiling, and eroded trust between law enforcement and minority communities here in Florida.

Thousands of you signed the petition we sent to Senators Rubio and Nelson calling for an end to the program when the agreements expire this month, and ACLU leaders delivered 4,500 more signatures to the White House on Thursday. Now, members of organizations across the country are joining together to call on the White House to end the program when the Department of Homeland Security reviews the agreements on the 17th.

Calling takes only a few minutes, and your voice will be echoed by the countless others taking action to end the program. Join the growing chorus of voices calling for an end to the program now.

Thank you for standing with us in defense of liberty.

ACLU Email!!!



Debate. Not a Word.

The presidential candidates debated domestic issues for 90 minutes last week and not a word was spoken about fundamental issues of personal freedom and equality.

Nothing about efforts to perpetuate discrimination based on sexual orientation. No attempt to draw out the candidates on where they stand on the separation of church and state.

Not a sentence about attacks on reproductive freedom and other elements in the national drive by right-wing forces to interfere with our most personal decisions.

We can’t let the silence continue when the vice presidential candidates debate in Kentucky on Thursday. And no topic needs to be discussed more than where the candidates stand on women’s access to reproductive healthcare.

Tell Martha Raddatz, the debate moderator, to make sure a woman’s right to make her own personal and private decisions isn’t ignored when Joe Biden and Paul Ryan debate.

Where do they stand on insurance coverage for contraception, access to abortion, federal funding for Planned Parenthood, and other issues important to women and families?

Let’s make sure these vitally important questions get asked and the candidates have the opportunity to air their views and challenge those of their opponents on an issue of vital importance to women and their families.

Urge Martha Raddatz to put choice and other key issues on the agenda when the vice presidential candidates debate.

Remember the debate is only 48 hours away. Let’s make ourselves heard.  <—- ACLU Email.

Zimmerman’s Acquittal?

As the patriots and bandwagons unite basking in Miami Heat’s second Championship as predicted we all got the case of blamnesia (black amnesia ha ha) and forgot what and who to fight for. Last time I checked George Zimmerman was still on trial and now has a great chance of being acquitted. “If you’re going to shoot someone, shoot to kill” reasonable doubt wins the case.

LGBT Equality

For a long time now, opponents of LGBT equality have successfully used ballot initiatives to block our path forward — but this year, we have a real chance to win marriage fights at the ballot box. Four states — Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota — will vote on freedom to marry measures this year. In the first three, a yes vote will deliver the freedom to marry to same-sex couples. In Minnesota, we are fighting to stop a constitutional ban on marriage for same-sex couples.

With your help, November 6th could be a breakthrough moment. All of our efforts to end discrimination based on sexual orientation have gained real momentum this year — now we need you to carry that momentum through to Election Day.

MSU Hate Crime

Zachary Tennen, a 19-year-old sophomore at Michigan State University, was at an off-campus party when two college-aged men approached him and demanded to know if he was Jewish.When Zachary said he was, the men made a Hitler salute, said they were part of the Ku Klux Klan, and beat him unconscious, breaking his jaw in the process.While he was knocked out, one of them stapled the boy’s mouth shut while guests at the party watched. No one intervened or called the police – instead, the other guests kicked Zachary out of the house the moment the 19-year-old came to.

Zachary is scheduled for surgery this week, but his trials are far from over. As East Lansing police try to find the men who assaulted him, department spokesmen claim they don’t believe the attack was a hate crime, and are refusing to investigate it as such.Zachary’s father Bruce is trying to contact the Anti-Defamation League and the FBI regarding the attack, to see if their intervention can make East Lansing take the assault seriously. Please, join us in calling on ADL Director Abraham Foxman and the Bureau’s Civil Rights Division to look into this case, now.
ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE AND FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION: We urge you to investigate the anti-Semitic attack on Zachary Tennen, and to determine why East Lansing police refuse to view the assault as a hate crime.

War on Terror

Though the CIA claims to have only waterboarded three detainees during the War on Terror, evidence has surfaced that they waterboarded at least one more. Human Rights Watch has revealed that in 2003, as the CIA rounded up and interrogated Libyan revolutionaries, Mohammed Shoroeiya was waterboarded.

Credible authorities agree unequivocally that waterboarding is torture. In fact, after World War II US forces hanged Japanese soldiers for using waterboarding. Now our secret armed forces use it with impunity. We must condemn the CIA’s egregious use of this form of torture, which betrays core American principles.

If we don’t stand up to such abuses, we assure that they will occur again. If we don’t demand full accountability, we empower future abuses. Please, add your name to this petition and demand an investigation into these new waterboarding allegations.

PETITION TO THE US CONGRESS: The United States cannot abide by torture. We demand that you open a full congressional inquiry into recent revelations of waterboarding in Libya, which controvert CIA claims. <—- ACLU email

National Conversation

The Aurora shooting in Colorado was a terrifying event claiming the lives of 12 innocent people but there are nearly 9,000 homicides a year in America although they do not consume the head lines most times it is time we tell elective officials (Obama, Romney) who refuse to acknowledge the prospect of the Second Amendment regulations. The extend of this moment of silence for which we have is shameful. Go to this website to petition and protect public safety!