Weary Love

You brought me wine and bleed it with poison,

Could I have been any blinded to not see your hidden agenda?

There’s so many times someone can trip over your lumpish lies,

Surprising part, was finding the Beauty you call friend

Communing with you at the table, the passion spoke for itself.

As I watched you drift away my heart grew weary.

Deprived of love, for the next one that comes along.

My Love is foreclosing and there’s no buying out,

An end to my era!


Debate. Not a Word.

The presidential candidates debated domestic issues for 90 minutes last week and not a word was spoken about fundamental issues of personal freedom and equality.

Nothing about efforts to perpetuate discrimination based on sexual orientation. No attempt to draw out the candidates on where they stand on the separation of church and state.

Not a sentence about attacks on reproductive freedom and other elements in the national drive by right-wing forces to interfere with our most personal decisions.

We can’t let the silence continue when the vice presidential candidates debate in Kentucky on Thursday. And no topic needs to be discussed more than where the candidates stand on women’s access to reproductive healthcare.

Tell Martha Raddatz, the debate moderator, to make sure a woman’s right to make her own personal and private decisions isn’t ignored when Joe Biden and Paul Ryan debate.

Where do they stand on insurance coverage for contraception, access to abortion, federal funding for Planned Parenthood, and other issues important to women and families?

Let’s make sure these vitally important questions get asked and the candidates have the opportunity to air their views and challenge those of their opponents on an issue of vital importance to women and their families.

Urge Martha Raddatz to put choice and other key issues on the agenda when the vice presidential candidates debate.

Remember the debate is only 48 hours away. Let’s make ourselves heard.  <—- ACLU Email.

Zimmerman’s Acquittal?

As the patriots and bandwagons unite basking in Miami Heat’s second Championship as predicted we all got the case of blamnesia (black amnesia ha ha) and forgot what and who to fight for. Last time I checked George Zimmerman was still on trial and now has a great chance of being acquitted. “If you’re going to shoot someone, shoot to kill” reasonable doubt wins the case.


LGBT Equality

For a long time now, opponents of LGBT equality have successfully used ballot initiatives to block our path forward — but this year, we have a real chance to win marriage fights at the ballot box. Four states — Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota — will vote on freedom to marry measures this year. In the first three, a yes vote will deliver the freedom to marry to same-sex couples. In Minnesota, we are fighting to stop a constitutional ban on marriage for same-sex couples.

With your help, November 6th could be a breakthrough moment. All of our efforts to end discrimination based on sexual orientation have gained real momentum this year — now we need you to carry that momentum through to Election Day.